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    Transit Bipartition

    What is Diabetic Bypass?

    The Diabetic Bypass procedure is a very important metabolic surgical method that has been developed recently for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes and promotes weight loss in obese patients with a BMI above 30.

    5 DAYS


    2 HOURS

    Duration of Procedure

    6 WEEKS



    Complication Insurance

    This method involves connecting one-third of the small intestine to the stomach as an alternative route. The part of the small intestine connected to the stomach is where the small intestine and large intestine meet. Therefore, all the nutrients passing through stimulate the small intestine hormones to control diabetes. The procedure is performed using the laparoscopy technique under general anesthesia, similar to other obesity procedures such as Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. Transit bipartition is a surgical model developed to balance the increased consumption of high glycemic index foods. This procedure significantly enhances the balance by creating gastro-ileal anastomosis in the antrum (lower part of the stomach).


    Before The Operation

    It’s best to avoid greasily and junk food a week before your operation day. It’s better to incorporate more liquid into your diet for easier digestion and cleanse. If you smoke or consume alcohol regularly, take a break around one week before your operation. Incorporate more soups and vegetables into your diet towards your operation date. Drink more liquids with every meal.

    You will be admitted to our hospital upon your arrival.
    We will do the bloodwork and the necessary tests to
    prepare you for the operation.

    The patient follows an all-liquid diet for the first days after they’re discharged from the hospital. Mashed and solid foods are added gradually within the supervision of a dietitian. The patient should rest for the first few days and allow their body to recover. It’s possible to return to work in a week if the job environment is an office. The patient should wait a little longer if their job requires physical labour. A diabetic bypass patient can return to routines and daily chores about four weeks after the operation.

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