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Gastric Sleeve (also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy) is a very common weight loss surgery. It includes reducing the size of the stomach by removing the larger portion. This surgery allows the patient to feel fuller with much less food intake. As Gastric Sleeve is an irreversible procedure, it's crucial to consult respected clinics and make sure it's the right procedure for your problems. Having gastric sleeve surgery leads to altering your eating and exercising habits. At Apera Clinic, all of our gastric sleeve operations are coordinated by Dr Cengiz Ertan. His team of experts have successfully treated thousands of patients from all over the world. You can continue reading our article on the gastric sleeve to prepare yourself for the operation.
What Is A Gastric Sleeve?
Gastric Sleeve operation is the removal procedure of UP TO 80% of the stomach so the patients can satisfy their hunger in a shorter time. This operation is also known as a "gastric tube" due to the new shape of the stomach. Gastric sleeve is not an open surgery. It’s performed laparoscopically, which means everything is done with just a few incisions. The surgeons perform gastric sleeves under general anaesthesia, so the patient doesn't feel anything during the operation.
Who Is Eligible For A Gastric Sleeve?
As gastric operations become more popular, most patients ask for a gastric sleeve operation instead of telling their problems to healthcare experts. It is best to decide with an expert if a patient truly needs a gastric sleeve or if their problems can go away with an alternative treatment. For a patient to be eligible for a gastric sleeve, their BMI needs to be over 30. These patients usually have additional health problems due to extra weight such as joint problems, cholesterol, irregularities with heart rate etc. The patient has to be 18 and above for this operation.
How To Prep Your Body For A Gastric Sleeve
If you're willing to have a gastric sleeve operation, there are a few things you can do to prepare your body. It's best to avoid greasily and junk food one week before your operation day. It's better to incorporate more liquid into your diet for easier digestion and cleanse. If you smoke or consume alcohol regularly, take a break around one week before your operation. 
3 Tips For An Easier Gastric Sleeve Recovery
Recovery from any operation, including gastric sleeve depends on how good the patient takes care of their bodies. It's important to give the body some time to heal. Here are 3 tips for an easier recovery:
1. Follow Your Diet
After the surgery, patients have to follow a very strict, all-liquid diet for a few weeks. Mashed food and solid foods are added later, as the dietitian approves the recovery. Please remember that your stomach is very gentle during this stage. Eat the exact portions recommended by your dietitian and drink enough liquids.
2. Exercise Regularly
Include light exercises like jogs into your daily routine to keep your body moving. You should get used to exercising daily for your health. This will help with keeping the weight down even after your recovery.
3. Take Additional Vitamins & Supplements 
Your body may need more than the regular amount of vitamins after a gastric sleeve operation. Ask your doctor to check your bloodwork and they can prescribe vitamins if necessary.
Gastric Sleeve Side Effects
Just like with any operation, a gastric sleeve also has minor side effects. These include anaesthesia-related problems, inflammation, oedema and acid reflux. If anything more serious (like bleeding or infection) happens, the doctors can treat them right away as you'll be spending the first two nights at the hospital. 
Cost Of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey
As there is no one size fits all kind of treatment in health, the cost can depend on a lot of elements. For example, the cost can rise if the patient needs additional treatments. The price also depends on the hospital and surgical team. Most clinics offer package deals to their patients, including accommodation and transfers. Therefore, the final price may include other services, which you may or may not need. It's best to get a quotation directly from the clinic. 
There are thousands of clinics in Turkey that perform bariatric surgeries. However, they may not have the qualifications that are required by the Ministry of Health. At Apera Clinic, we operate with extra care & caution to provide our patients with the best treatments. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Sleeve
We understand there can be numerous questions on a patient's mind about this life-changing operation. Here are the top questions we get asked before our patients book their operation dates with us.
1. What is the average recovery time for gastric sleeve operations? 
As recovery may be different for each person, our patients go back to their homes in three days most of the time. It's possible to return to work and daily routines in two weeks.
2. Do I need to incorporate exercise into my daily routine? 
Yes, exercise helps to get in shape and prevents gaining the lost weight back. It's advised that patients should exercise for around 30 minutes, every day, after the operation.
3. Is the operation painful? 
A gastric sleeve operation is not painful, as it is performed under general anaesthesia. However, patients might feel slight pain and soreness in the incision areas, which can be treated with prescribed medications.
4. How much weight should I expect to lose after gastric sleeve surgery? 
Most patients lose up to 70% of their body weight in the course of two years. The weight drops dramatically after the surgery and weight loss continues through recovery and slows down after one year. Of course, this depends on the patient's eating and exercise habits. If they keep eating like they used to do before the surgery, then it's possible to gain some of that weight back.
If you have more questions about having a gastric sleeve in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us through WhatsApp or E-Mail. You can contact us today to book your place at Apera Clinic!