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No matter which method is preferred, breast augmentation surgeries are performed to enlarge one's breasts permanently. Breast augmentation is solely a cosmetic procedure and doesn't change the function of any organs. Breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed by expert plastic surgeons. It is one of the most common practices among plastic surgeons in Turkey. We operate on patients from all around the world and give them their desired look, here at Apera Clinic. Let's get into more detail on breast augmentation methods and things to consider pre & post-operation. We also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the surgery towards the end of this article. 
What Is Breast Augmentation?
In short, breast augmentation enhances and enlarges the patient's breasts by giving them volume. This volume may be an outside physical element (implants) or the patient's body fat. This procedure results in patients feeling better about their body image. 
Patients need to be 18 or older to have a breast augmentation. They should also be generally in good physical condition and have no infectious diseases. Most patients that desire to have this operation either have small breasts or loss of volume due to extreme weight loss or pregnancy & breastfeeding. As this operation alters the body permanently, it's also essential for a patient to be in a healthy mental state. If you're not sure you can have breast augmentation, it's best to consult a doctor about your medical conditions and concerns if you have any.
Breast Augmentation Methods
It's possible to add volume and give shape to the breasts in various ways during a breast augmentation. The choice of method depends on the patient's condition and how they want their breasts to look and feel.
Fat Injections / Fat Transfer Method: A patient's body fat is taken out with liposuction from their tummy, buttocks or wherever available and then injected into the breasts. This method is preferred by patients that do not want a large increase in the size of their breasts. 
Breast Implants: Surgeons have been using implants to increase the volume of the breasts for quite some time. Patients can choose which breast implant they want based on their desired shape, texture and budget. Silicone implants have been around the longest. They are made of silicone gel. Patients should have regular check-ups to confirm that their implants are still in place. Saline implants are filled with salt water. It allows the body to remove the implant if it breaks, as the human body absorbs the saline. 
It's crucial to discuss the size and type of implants with a plastic surgeon before the operation. Patients should be able to feel the implants in their hands and decide after. We advise our patients to have an open mind about size, shape, texture and material and listen to the experts while deciding on a life-changing procedure.
Recovery from Breast Augmentation
Patients should expect slight discomfort around their chest and arms as the anaesthesia wears off. However, this is normal and goes away in a few days. It's necessary to give the body enough time to rest and heal. Wearing compression garments also helps with faster recovery. 
In operations like this, there are always potential risks like infections or leakage (from implants). Thus, patients spend a few nights in the hospital. Their vitals are always under the control of the medical staff.
Cost of Breast Augmentation in Turkey
Breast augmentation fees depend on various aspects. The experience of the plastic surgeon & surgical team and the hospital fees are a few to name. Thus, asking for a quotation directly from the medical centre is much more reliable than searching for a fixed price. Breast augmentation fees also change depending on the material used during the operation. Most medical centres tend to include additional services like accommodation and transport in their quotations. Therefore, it's critical to evaluate offers and act on them after. 
Here at Apera Clinic, we offer an all-inclusive service. This allows our patients to fly stress-free and have every detail handed to them. 
Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
1- Is it possible to get pregnant and breastfeed after breast augmentation? 
Yes! As the milk ducts do not get blocked during this operation, it doesn't stand in the way of getting pregnant or breastfeeding. The breasts continue to work like they used to. However, patients cannot have this operation if they're pregnant or still breastfeeding. 
2- Is breast augmentation painful? 
As this surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, patients do not feel anything during the operation. The operated area may ache as the anaesthesia wears off. The discomfort goes away with prescribed pain killers.
3- What are the side effects of this operation?
Possible side effects of breast augmentation are swelling, bruising and soreness. Patients might feel slight numbness in the area as well. These are all expected and go away in just a few weeks. Hospital staff always checks the patient for all side effects and intervenes if necessary. 
4- When is it possible to go back to work?
It takes a few weeks to fully recover from breast augmentation surgery. Patients can go back to their work for two weeks after resting. If their jobs require physical activity, then they should wait for the doctor's clearing.
5- Is breast augmentation reversible? 
Yes. As though it's a life-changing operation, it is not permanent. Thus, patients can come in for a second operation to remove the augmentation. If the patient has implants, they can be taken out and exchanged with smaller implants. If the patient doesn't want any implants at all, then additional procedures may be needed to give the breasts a natural look and shape. 
If you're not sure breast augmentation is the right procedure for you, let's book a consultation. Here at Apera Clinic, we offer online consultations so our patients can ask their questions in the comfort of their homes. Our representatives are just a phone call or text message away!