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Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, is the operation to fix the deformities in the ears. It is possible to re-shape, re-size and re-position the ears with otoplasty. Ear deformities can be genetic or due to an injury. Thanks to otoplasty, patients can achieve their desired look. At Apera Clinic, we perform otoplasty surgeries on patients from all over the world. Our talented plastic surgeons operate on hundreds of otoplasty patients yearly. Continue reading this article to learn more about otoplasty procedures if you or someone you know would like to change the ears' look. 
What is otoplasty?
Otoplasty is a safe, surgical operation that changes the shape of the exterior of the ear. Otoplasty doesn't affect hearing abilities. 
The surgery is performed through the incisions that are made on the back of the ear. Otoplasty is usually done on both ears for symmetry purposes. 
Who is eligible for otoplasty?
Unlike many other cosmetic surgeries, patients can have otoplasty at young ages. Of course, patients have to wait until their ears reach full (adult) size. It is usually around age 5-6. Patients can have otoplasty if they have asymmetrical ears since birth or injury; or if their ears look too big for their head. It is also crucial for the patient to be generally healthy with no chronic diseases that can get in the way of such surgeries.
Otoplasty Procedure
Just like in other cosmetic surgeries, otoplasty also requires anaesthesia. The surgeon can choose local or general anaesthesia, according to the operation plan. The techniques and incision locations depend on the type of correction. Additional incisions might be necessary on the inner crease of the ears as well. The surgeon may remove excess cartilage and skin to re-shape the ears during the procedure. 
Of course, patients are given a clear image of how their ears will look after the operation. Surgeons also go through the operation plan so; the patient knows what to expect.
Recovery From Otoplasty
The surgeons cover the ears with bandages for protection after the operation. Patients should sleep on their backs and not sides to minimize the pressure on their ears. It is possible to feel discomfort and itching. There is a high chance that the ears are swollen and red. The bandages are removed in a few days. Swelling, redness and discomfort will also slowly fade. At Apera Clinic, we use dissolvable stitches in most plastic surgeries, so they don't need to be removed a week after the operation.
Cost Of Otoplasty in Turkey
There are many hospitals and clinics in Turkey that perform otoplasty. However, it is crucial to have such procedures in respected clinics. The surgeon's experience is also important. As the number of clinics is very high, there can be different fees these clinics may ask for otoplasty. It is best to get quotations from each clinic and see which services are included.
At Apera Clinic, we include accommodation and in-city transfers in our offers with operational expenses regarding the surgery. Thus, our patients do not have to worry about finding a hotel for their stay in Turkey. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty
1. How long does an otoplasty operation take? 
Otoplasty operations usually take two hours. The duration can change if the patient needs other procedures during the otoplasty.
2. Is otoplasty painful? 
Otoplasty operations are not painful as the patients take anaesthesia before the surgeons make any incisions. Patients can expect to feel slight pain or discomfort afterwards. These can be treated with prescribed painkillers. However, if the patients experience unbearable pain, they should inform the doctor immediately.
3. When will I see the results? 
The results of otoplasty are noticeable once the bandages are removed. Of course, the swelling and redness go away in time; however, the shape and structure are final. We always remind our patients that otoplasty is a permanent operation and patients should be ready for permanent changes on their faces before the surgery begins.
Looking forward to changing the shape of your ears? You can easily have them done at Apera Clinic! Contact us today so we can book a consultation for you with our plastic surgeons. Our patient representatives take care of all details once you decide when you would like to have the operation. Sounds good? Let's have a chat!