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A neck lift surgery comes on top of the list of cosmetic surgeries patients prefer to have against ageing and wrinkles. A neck lift is often performed with facelift and jawline procedures. Thanks to such operations, it's possible to slow down time and even reverse its effects on the human body. It's a common practice most plastic surgeons can perform in a few hours and give the patients their desired looks. At Apera, our plastic surgeons perform neck lifts on hundreds of patients yearly. Continue reading this article if you or someone you know is interested in the face or body aesthetics. We'll explain the neck lift procedure and recovery while answering some frequently asked questions.
What is a neck lift?
In short, a neck lift is a cosmetic surgery in which the excess skin and fat tissue are removed from the neck area. This removal gives the neck a lifted and more youthful look. A neck lift can treat loose skin, extra fat chin and abnormal neck contours. There are various reasons behind a patient's choice to have a neck lift: old age, heredity, stress or excess weight loss may cause the skin to lose its elasticity and sag. 
Who is eligible for a neck lift?
Technically, any patient that doesn't have health problems that may get in the way of such operations and is over 18 years of age can have a neck lift. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that a patient needs a neck lift just because they're eligible. It's best to consult with experts and get opinions on which cosmetic surgery is best for the patient's health and desires. 
Here at Apera, we make online consultations for those who live abroad, so they can ask their questions and get more information about the surgery before flying in. 
Neck Lift Operation
Once the date is decided, patients should start prepping themselves for the operation. It includes taking a break from smoking and alcohol consumption a few days prior and adjusting medications. 
First of all, the surgical team gives anaesthesia to the patient. Then the incisions are made, depending on the level and area of sagging. If the sagging is not severe, there will be smaller incisions. Usually, the incisions start from the lower hairline and go down through the ears. The surgeons reposition the tissue, remove the excess fat and contour the neck and the jawline through these incisions. The incisions are closed after all the procedure is completed. 
Recovery from a Neck Lift
The neck is gently wrapped with bandages after the operation to minimise swelling. Patients can return to their work and daily routines in one week. Patients should avoid bending and carrying heavy weights during this time. However, the full recovery can take a few weeks. Our representatives always keep in touch with our patients after their operations. Therefore, if our patients have anything to ask a medical professional during their recovery procedure, they can do so through us. 
Cost of a Neck Lift Operation
The neck lift is a widely known procedure that is performed at almost any medical clinic. Thus, many elements determine the price of the operation. The surgeons' expertise, clinic expenses and medications are the key factors in coming up with numbers. Some clinics include other services in their fees as well. 
At Apera Clinic, we include accommodation and in-city transfers in our offers for international patients. Our all-inclusive packages allow them to book their operations stress-free, as we take care of every operational detail here. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lift
1. Is a neck lift painful? 
A neck lift is not a painful procedure as patients take anaesthesia. It is possible to experience discomfort and slight pain after the operation. However, these can go away with painkillers.
2. Is a neck lift a permanent solution to sagging? 
A neck lift is a great method for treating wrinkles. Its effects are long-lasting, but some patients choose to have this operation repeated later in life. The cause of repetition can be excess weight loss, stress or other environmental factors. Patients should take care of their neck area after the operation to preserve its results.
3. Does a neck lift operation leave any scars? 
The incisions leave marks on the area. However, they dissolve and look less visible in time. 
4. When can I see the results of a neck lift? 
The initial results of this operation can be visible in just a few weeks. However, it can take a few months to see the full results.
Do you have any other questions? Ask us today! Our representatives at Apera Clinic are just a phone call or text away. We've been helping patients from all over the world to get their desired look with our experienced medical staff for years. If you're interested in a neck lift or other aesthetic operations, we'll be happy to book your consultation!