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Liposuction is a fat removal operation generally prefered to remove the excess fat in the stomach, thighs and buttocks. It helps with balancing the fat in the human body. Some patients have stubborn fat cells in certain areas that they can't get rid of despite diets and exercise. Genetic, hormonal or excessive weight gain are the most common reasons behind stubborn fats. At Apera Clinic, we help male & female patients to reach their desired bodies thanks to liposuction. Continue reading this article for more information about liposuction, eligibility and recovery.
What is liposuction?
Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure in which surgeons insert tubes to break the fat cells and remove them from the body. Thanks to the new technology, it's possible to break the fat cells with different methods. It is up to the surgeon to determine which liposuction method is the best for each patient, as it depends on the area and the amount of fat that is planned to be removed.
Who is eligible for liposuction?
The best candidates for liposuction are the patients that have realistic expectations from the surgery. The candidates should be eighteen years old or older for legal reasons. Of course, liposuction makes a significant difference in patients with high BMIs.
How to prepare your body for liposuction?
Patients should avoid alcohol and smoking for a few days before the operation. They should also inform the doctor about their medical conditions. Patients are asked to stop taking blood thinners before the operation as well. 
A standard liposuction operation usually takes around two hours. The duration depends on how much fat is going to be removed and if the patient needs liposuction in multiple areas. 
Liposuction Recovery 
Patients should lie down and rest for the first few days. They might feel slight discomfort in the surgical area. Doctors prescribe painkillers to reduce the pain for recovery. Generally, it takes around six weeks to recover and return to daily routines after liposuction. However, patients can already return to work in one week. Patients should wear compression garments throughout their recovery. We advise patients to drink lots of water to reduce swelling and oedema after liposuction. 
Cost of Liposuction in Turkey
Liposuction is a common practice that almost every plastic surgeon can perform. Turkey is no exception. However, the plastic surgeon's and the surgical team's expertise and clinic expenses are the key factors in determining the price of liposuction. It is crucial to research and pick respected clinics for such operations to minimize the risk and complications.
At Apera Clinic, we include other services in our offers to take the stress off of our patients' shoulders. We provide accommodation and in-city transfers, so our patients do not have to spend hours booking them. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction
1.When can I see the results? 
Surgeons generally take out up to 12 litres of fat from the body during liposuction operations. This may have an immediate effect on the body. However, patients should wait for a few months for the final results as it takes some time for the swelling to go away. 
2.Can liposuction help me lose weight? 
Liposuction is not an operation that targets weight loss. However, patients lose some weight due to the removal of fats anyway. 
3.Is it painful?
Liposuction is not a painful procedure as patients take general anaesthesia before the operation begins. It is possible to feel discomfort and pain after liposuction. If the pain becomes unbearable, the doctors can prescribe painkillers.
4.Are the results permanent? 
If liposuction patients don't watch what they eat and don't form an exercise routine, they may gain weight and have fat around the same area. Patients have to support their operation with balanced meals and regular exercise to elongate the results. 
Do you still have questions? Ask away. One of our dedicated patient representatives will answer you as soon as possible. We always keep in touch with our patients from their first inquiry until they recover from their operations. We always check up on our patients once they fly back home and ensure the recovery goes as expected. At Apera Clinic we offer a wide range of treatments from plastic surgery to gastric procedures to improve the lives of our patients.
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