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Hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the past decade. Unlike most operations, the results are not immediately visible after a hair transplant. However, it is very much a life-changing procedure that many patients prefer for a confidence boost. At Apera, we proudly perform hair transplant operations on patients from all over the world. Continue reading this article if you or someone you know would like to have a hair transplant as we explain all the details about the procedure.
What is a FUE hair transplant?
Follicular Hair Extraction, also known as FUE, is a method surgeons use while extracting hair roots. It's a relatively new method compared to a traditional hair transplant. The hair follicles are taken out one by one during an FUE transplant. Thanks to this method, there are fewer scars in the donor area; so the donor area heals much quicker.
Who can have an FUE hair transplant?
Hair transplants are generally preferred by male patients. However, female patients who experience hair loss can also have this operation. Generally, if a patient doesn't have any chronic diseases that can get in the way of taking anaesthesia or healing, they can have a hair transplant.
The eligibility also depends on the bald area the patient has. The patient may not be a good candidate for a hair transplant if the area that needs treatment is too large and there aren't enough donor hair follicles to cover.
Differences between FUE and FUT Methods
Once patients begin their research on hair transplants, they often see various techniques that may sound complicated. Let us clear all the clouds: An FUT hair transplant is the classic method in which the necessary hair follicles are taken by cutting out hair strips from the donor area (the back of the head). However, during an FUE hair transplant, the donor hair follicles are taken one by one. FUE can take a little longer because the surgeons pick out individual hair follicles. As though it is more time and effort-consuming, most surgeons prefer the FUE method because there is much less scarring -and much less to heal- at the end. 
FUE Hair Transplant Procedure
An FUE hair transplant operation consists of three stages - which surgeons begin after confirming the effects of anaesthesia. At first, the patient lays on their stomach so the surgical team can collect hair follicles from the donor area. The donor area is usually the back of the head. After enough hair follicles are collected, the patient is then asked to lay on their back. It is quite common to take breaks between steps as the operation takes a few hours. The surgical team or the hair transplant coordinator begins to open up the canals (little holes) on the empty area. Generally, this area is the front hair line or the crown area. This is considered the most crucial part of the operation. The surgeon has to make enough holes to fill the empty area while considering how many hair follicles were collected. At last, the previously collected hair grafts are inserted in these holes, one by one. 
Recovery from an FUE hair transplant
Although a hair transplant doesn't have a long recovery time, it's crucial to follow the surgeons' advice. Bruising, swelling and light dizziness are common side effects of this operation, which go away in a few days. Patients should rest their heads as much as possible. Looking down may cause the swelling to come down to the eyes. 
Aftercare is an essential part of the recovery procedure. Patients need to take extra care of their operated area. Hair transplant patients do not have to sleep in hospitals. However, they need to visit the clinic the next day for a wash and bandage change. 
Cost of FUE hair transplant in Turkey
As hair transplants became widely popular in Turkey, thousands of clinics perform hair loss treatments nationwide. It's not possible to give a single fee as many factors affect the numbers. The hospital expenses, surgical team and their experience are highly important when coming up with a quote. 
In some cases, quotes may appeal very attractive but the clinic may not follow the regulations of the Ministry of Health in Turkey. Thus, it's important to consider the clinic's legitimacy while taking offers. 
FAQ About FUE Hair Transplant
1. How long does an FUE hair transplant take? 
A hair transplant can take around 8-10 hours with all steps mentioned above. Patients should expect to spend the whole day in the hospital.
2. Do I have to shave my head for a hair transplant? 
Shaving is required most of the time. Surgeons can operate easier when there are no hair strings that can get in the way. At Apera Clinic, we do this procedure on the morning of the operation, so our patients don't have to do it themselves.
3. When can I go back to work after a hair transplant? 
A hair transplant is a relatively easy operation for recovery. Patients can generally go back to their jobs in just a few days. Most patients come to Turkey for the weekend, have their hair transplant operations and fly back to their homes. 
4. When will I see the results? 
It can take around six months to see the initial results of a hair transplant. The full results will be visible around the one year mark. 
Ready to embark on your hair transplant journey? At Apera Clinic, we offer all-inclusive packages for our patients. Accommodation and transport are also taken care of by us, so our patients can have a stress-free journey. If you still have questions, contact us now! Our representatives are ready to answer all of your questions.