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The FUE surgery is the most convenient hair transplantation method, as it is mainly done with microsurgery.

Collection of hair follecules: The aim of this phase is to separate the hair follecules of the  cylindrical needles on the micromotor end of the hair. Of course, this process cuts and separates the hair on the skin with a motor. Therefore, anesthesia should be performed at this time. Even if anesthesia is used here, another factor that increases the comfort is the use of the micromotor at low speed, and more importantly, the tip is made of very sharp steel. Decisive for the quality of a clinic is the quality of these materials. However, you will be able to see this clearly in the subsequent recovery process.

PLANTING HAIR FOLLECULES: Channels need to be opened in the area where hair transplantation is to be performed. There are two basic principles. First, open the channels in advance (also called slot, cut). The second is the needles used in the DHI hair transplantation method, with an opener pin placed on the needles of the canal. The use of steel needles is indispensable in the DHI method. For this reason, the quality of the steel (needle) is again directly proportional to the quality of the clinic. However, with conventional FUE-based methods, the channels can be opened with sapphire inserts instead of steel blades, which makes the postoperative healing process much more comfortable. This is because sapphire blade leaves are much smoother than steel and skin damage is minimized.

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