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A breast reduction surgery is altering the size and shape of the breasts by removing the excess fat tissue. It would be wrong to think breast augmentation is just a cosmetic procedure. Breasts that exceed body proportions can lead to serious health issues. Thus, large breasts are more than a visual problem. Breast reduction is necessary for some patients. Here at Apera Clinic, we perform breast reductions on patients from all over the world. Although their desires and needs for breast reduction may differ, their life quality improves thanks to this operation. Continue reading this article for more information about breast reduction procedures and recovery timeline.
Who needs a breast reduction?
Most people choose to have a breast reduction for aesthetic reasons. However, some patients experience discomfort and health problems due to the size of their breasts. These include but are not limited to chest, neck, shoulder and back pain, rashes and irritation under the breasts. If you experience one or more of these problems, breast reduction may help. It's always better to consult an expert to confirm if breast reduction is the cure for your problems.
Breast Reduction Methods
There are three popular methods surgeons use while operating on breast reduction patients. These are Inverted T, Vertical and Liposuction. The surgeon decides on the method after examining the patient's situation. 
Inverted T Breast Reduction is also known as the anchor method. It is preferred by the surgeons if the patient has significant sagging and needs reshaping. The shape of the incisions resembles an anchor, thus giving the method its name. The incisions start from the edge of the areola and move down underneath the breasts. As the scars are underneath the breasts, they stay hidden. 
If the breasts need a slight size reduction and have noticeable sagging, then Vertical Breast Reduction would be the ideal method. This method allows the surgeons to reshape the breasts and give them a natural look. The scars are again staying under the breasts. Thus most underwear and swimwear can cover them.
Liposuction is less invasive and results in less scarring compared to other methods. Surgeons prefer to take out the excess fat tissue if the breasts do not need a major size reduction. However, the breasts might need a lift for reshaping after they're reduced. Thus, surgeons combine liposuction with a breast lift in most cases.
Recovering From Breast Reduction
The recovery timeline depends on each patient's age and health condition. It's crucial to let your body heal by giving it some time. You spend the first few nights at the hospital as a precaution. You can go back home after the doctor dismisses you and your actual recovery begins. You can return to work in a week if your job doesn't include physical labour. If your job requires physical work, you may need to stay home for another week to heal completely. It's best to be in touch with your doctor and ask if you can do certain things like exercise and household chores.
You should wear compression garments for a few weeks and avoid alcohol and smoking for an easier recovery. Including more protein-rich foods and hydrating your body also speeds up your recovery. You're most likely to return to your daily routines and fully recover in less than two months.
Cost Of Breast Reduction In Turkey
Patients from all over the world have flown to Turkey and have plastic surgeries. Breast reduction is a common practice that almost all plastic surgeons in Turkey perform. Breast reduction costs depend on the medical centre, plastic surgeon and surgical team. Therefore, it's best to get a quotation directly from the clinic. It's crucial to search the clinic, look at their previous works and read patient testimonies before deciding. 
At Apera Clinic, we offer all-inclusive packages for our patients to ease their trip to Turkey. We handle all accommodation and in-city transportation, so they don't stress about travel details. When they book their operation with us, all they have to do separately is purchasing the flight tickets that suit them.
Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction
1.Is it painful?
The operation itself is not painful. Patients do not feel anything as breast reductions are performed under general anaesthesia. It's possible to feel slight pain and discomfort after the operation. If the pain becomes intolerable, the doctor can prescribe pain killers.
2.Can my breasts still get larger in time?
Breast reduction is a very effective procedure against sagging and treats chronic pain in the upper body caused by large breasts. However, if the patient gains excessive weight or gets pregnant, the size of their breasts will again increase. The breasts may sag again as the patient ages, but the sagging will not be as severe as it used to be. 
3.Can male patients get a breast reduction?
Yes, male patients can also have breast reduction operations. This operation is called gynecomastia. We operate on male patients here at Apera Clinic. Click here to read more about gynecomastia and contact us if you like to book a consultation.
4.Does breast surgery leave any scars?
Scarring depends on the chosen method. Thus every patient can have different levels of scarring. The incisions are usually thin and drawn under the breasts. The scars also heal in time. However, as they stay under the breasts, they are not easily noticed a few months after the operation.
We've been successfully operating on breast reduction patients from all over the world for such a long time. Our experienced plastic surgeons and their teams take great care of our patients. Our representatives are just a phone call/text message away for your questions at all times. If you've been considering getting a breast reduction, consult our doctors now. We'll be happy to guide you through this journey.