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Simplistically, breast lift surgery is an operation of lifting sagging breasts. Breasts may sag due to many reasons. Genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, excessive weight loss and gain are a few. Thanks to new surgical methods, it is now possible to lift sagging breasts and bring them to their ideal shape. It is especially prevalent among female patients, mainly after childbirth and breastfeeding. Here at Apera Clinic, we have been operating on many patients from all over the world. Our patients now have symmetric and more youthful breasts, thanks to a breast lift. Let us get into more details about the operation methods and recovery. Continue reading this article if you like to know who can qualify for this surgery.
What is a breast lift?
Breast lift (also known as mastopexy) is a cosmetic treatment that gives the chest area a younger look. Lifting the breasts also takes some of their weight off of the shoulders and relieves neck & back pain. There are a few methods surgeons can choose, depending on the sagging level. 
Who is eligible for a breast lift?
As for eligibility, any patient whose breasts have finished developing can have this operation. If your breasts have flattened and lost their youthful shape, your areolas point down instead of forward; you might need a breast lift. Additionally, if your areolas are under the breast instead of the centre or if one breast sits lower than the other, you can consider a breast lift. It's best to speak with an expert before thinking a breast lift is a solution to your problems. Additional treatments may be needed in some cases. For example, a breast lift can be combined with a breast reduction to get the best results possible.
Breast Lift Methods
Not all breasts are the same, and not all of them can be lifted with the same method. Thus, there are a few methods surgeons use while operating, depending on each patient's condition: the level of sagging, patient's age and other circumstances.
●Peri Areolar Breast Lift: This method is generally preferred if the sagging is mild. The surgeon makes a small incision on the outer side of the areola to make a small lift. This method is also known as the "doughnut" method because of the shape of the areola.
●Vertical Breast Lift: This method is preferred if the patient has moderate sagging or their breasts need reshaping. A vertical breast lift requires two incisions; a circular one around the areola and a vertical one from the areola down to the crease of the breast. The look of these incisions is similar to a lollipop, thus giving the method its popular name.
●Anchor Breast Lift: Just like the previous two methods, the anchor breast lift also gets its name from the shape of the incisions. This method requires three incisions: A circular incision outside the areola, a vertical incision down the crease of the breast and a horizontal incision along the crease. Most of the time, this method is used to treat extreme sagging and asymmetry.
Breast Lift Recovery
Recovery from plastic surgery mainly depends on how good the patient takes care of themself. A breast lift is no exception. You will have bandages for the first few days after the operation. They will be removed before you're discharged from the hospital. Swelling and bruising are the expected side effects of this operation. Such side effects go away in a few days. Surgeons advise wearing compression garments for a few weeks after the operation. Generally, patients can go back to their work and daily routines in one week. However, if their job requires physical labour, surgeons advise resting for another week. You can begin exercising in about a month. It takes around six months for the area to heal and for breasts to take shape. Your representative at Apera Clinic always stays in contact with our patients until they fully recover. This way, we can always check up on our patients and advise on easier recovery. 
Cost Of A Breast Lift In Turkey
The cost of a breast lift operation varies from clinic to clinic. Each medical centre may have different pricing depending on the surgeon's expertise, clinic expenses, medications and other services they include in their offers. 
Here at Apera Clinic, we make all-inclusive offers for our patients so they don't have to stress about finding accommodation or in-city transfers. Our international patients only have to book their flight tickets. We handle all other details. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift
1.Can I get pregnant and breastfeed after a breast lift? 
Yes, as milk ducts are protected during this procedure, it's possible to get pregnant and breastfeed later in life. However, patients cannot have a breast lift if they're currently pregnant or breastfeeding. We advise patients to wait around six months after they finish breastfeeding to have this operation.
2.Will my breast size reduce after a breast lift? 
A breast lift may have an impact on size reduction but it's not the main goal of this operation. It might be a good idea to have a breast reduction at the same time as the breast lift if you're also unhappy with the size of your breasts. Again, it's best to consult the experts so they can guide you towards the best option for your health and happiness. 
3.How soon can I see the results? 
Patients see a significant change in their appearance right after the surgery. However, it takes time for breasts to settle as swelling goes away. You can see the final shape of the breasts around three months to one year after the operation, depending on your recovery speed.
4.Can my breasts sag again? 
As breast lift is not a preventative procedure, your breasts can sag again due to ageing. However, they will still look much better compared to their previous condition. If you become unhappy later in life due to sagging, you may have this operation again.
Do you still have questions about a breast lift? Ask away! Our representatives are just a phone call or text away from answering all your questions. They also consult the experts on your behalf and give you all the information you may need. Contact us now!