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Hair transplant has been around in the cosmetic surgery industry for more than two decades! As the succession rate increased in hair transplant surgeries, the surgeons began to think of hair transplants on other body areas. That's right! Beard and moustache! Today, it's possible to transplant hair to a beard and a moustache following the same methods for an FUE hair transplant. 
As beard and moustache are the areas most male patients want facial hair, a transplant can help them achieve the fuller look they've been dreaming of. Continue reading this article to learn more about beard and moustache transplants as we explain the procedure and aftercare.
How is it possible to have a beard and moustache transplant?
Beard and moustache transplants are getting widely popular everywhere, including in Turkey. Thanks to micro motor tools that can open up tiny incisions, it is possible to extract hair grafts for moustache and beard transplants. The donor area for these transplants is the lowest part of the beard -the area around Adam's apple. The transplants have a high chance of success as the hair in this area has the same characteristics as the hair in the upper beard and moustache. Of course, the succession rate also depends on if the surgery is performed correctly.
Beard & Moustache Transplant Procedure
A beard and moustache transplant begins with local anaesthesia. Once the donor area is numbed, the surgeons start extracting the necessary amount of hair grafts. As though the number of needed hair grafts is much less than a hair transplant, it still takes a lot of time to extract the grafts. The area is delicate, so the patient must stay still during the procedure. 
Then, the surgeon opens the canals on the recipient area for the collected hair grafts. It is the most crucial step of the procedure as these canals determine the growth direction of the hairs. When all grafts are transplanted, the surgical team cleans the donor and recipient areas. The patient is then ready to be discharged. 
Recovery From A Beard & Moustache Transplant
Hair transplant patients don't need to stay at the hospital after the surgery. They can go to the hotel to rest and visit the hospital the next day. Patients should limit contact with the operated area. They should keep it dry and clean. Eating and drinking may be a little uncomfortable for the first few days. We expect the operated area to swell and bruise as well. However, these usually go away in a week.
What is the cost of a beard and moustache transplant in Turkey?
Beard and moustache transplants are priced differently at every clinic. Some clinics prefer to separate these treatments. Thus, every clinic may give a different quote on these procedures. There are also additional services clinics may include in their offers. At Apera Clinic, we treat both areas in the same session.
Frequently Asked Questions About Beard & Moustache Transplants
1.Is it painful? 
The patients may experience discomfort while the surgeons give local anaesthesia to the area. Patients do not feel anything once the beard or moustache is numbed. We always check up on our patients and give more anaesthesia if they still experience slight pain. Patients can also take painkillers after the operation with antibiotics. The clinic prescribes all the necessary medications for an easier recovery.
2.When can I shave my beard after the transplant? 
The area can be sensitive, swollen and red after the transplant. We recommend waiting at least ten days before shaving/trimming the beard. 
3.When can I see the results? 
The beard and moustache go through a shock phase, in which the newly transplanted grafts fall out within two weeks. The stronger hair starts to grow after the shock phase. It can take around three to four months to see the full growth of a beard and moustache. 
Bread & Moustache Transplant At Apera Clinic
Beard and moustache transplants need more expertise as the skin on the face is more delicate than the skin on the scalp. Thus, only qualified surgeons can perform such operations. At Apera Clinic, we proudly perform all hair transplants, including beard and moustache. Contact us today if you'd like to book a consultation and ask your questions about beard or moustache transplants. We'll be happy to guide you and book your operation for a suitable time.