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Everything you need to know about beard and mustache implantation is on this page! Beard and mustache are the most important part of a masculine image. In puberty, it is expected to have beard and mustache with appropriate intensity on these areas. So what can you do if they are congenitally absent or disappeared due to injury? Since hair transplantation becomes easier and rapidly increased in Turkey and globally through affordable costs, beard and mustache implantation has also come to the agenda.

Beard Transplantation

Men have resorted to many methods for beard that does not grow due to some genetic or different reasons even in ancient times as well as today. This condition directs men to prefer beard transplant as the most efficient way to have bushy beard.

Hair transplantation is done through permanent and painless methods; therefore beard transplantation is also performed through a painless and successful method allowing many men to embed rare beards into the history.

Mustache Transplantation Methods

The first stage is determinate of the number of roots to be taken for the mustache. After clarification of the number, the facial contours of the mustache are determined and the process is started with method determined for mustache transplantation.

In terms of historical dimensions, it is seen that the history of mustache transplantation is old. Depending on the technology and health services developed from the past to the present day, there are many convenience and developments in mustache transplantation. The most preferred methods of mustache cultivation is FUT and FUE transplantation.

Local anesthesia is applied to transplantation area. Transplantation is started on the anaesthetized area. It is recommended not to talk much during the first three days after the planting process, as the upper lip and mustache area are sensitive. In addition, it facilitates the healing process of the patient who needs to rest. Pain and throbbing discomfort are relieved by antibiotics and other drugs which will be prescribed by the physician.

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