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There are various reasons a patient may need or want an arm lift. An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery that improves the overall shape of the arms. Upper arms benefit the most from an arm lift surgery. It is a simple operation that most plastic surgeons can perform. At Apera Clinic, our experienced surgical team performs hundreds of arm lifts yearly. It is common to have an arm lift operation on a weekend trip to Turkey as the operation time is short and recovery is relatively quick. Continue reading this article if you or someone you know is interested in an arm lift as we explain how surgeons perform this operation and answer some of the commonly asked questions.
What is an arm lift?
An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery in which the surgical team removes excess fat tissue and skin from the underarms. As every patient has different levels of sagging, the duration of the operation may change. Usually, it takes up to 3 hours. If the patient needs a lot of fat removal, surgeons may perform liposuction during an arm lift.
Who can have an arm lift?
Usually, patients ask for an arm lift after excessive weight loss. In some cases, the underarm skin sags due to ageing. Thus, older patients can also have this operation. Any patient can have an arm lift if they are overall healthy and don't have any conditions that can get in the way of healing. However, it's better to consult an expert before focusing on an operation type. 
Arm Lift Operations
Just like in other cosmetic surgeries, the first step of an arm lift is anaesthesia. Then, the surgeon makes the incision on the back of the arm. The size of the incision depends on each patient. The surgeon reshapes and tightens the skin under the arm and performs liposuction if needed. After the procedure is completed, the surgeon closes the incisions with either stitches or absorbable sutures.
Recovery from an arm lift
The recovery process depends on each patient, but it's similar most of the time. The operated area may be covered with bandages or with some sort of compression garment for better compression. Swelling and bruising are expected side effects of an arm lift. Most patients ask how soon they can return to their jobs after an arm lift. If the job doesn't include physical labour, the patients can continue their work after one week. 
Cost of an arm lift in Turkey
It isn't possible to give a specific cost for an arm lift operation because many factors affect the numbers. Clinic expenses and surgeon experience play a big part in the fees. The fee also depends on the operational process: if the patient needs extra procedures like liposuction or not. 
At Apera Clinic, we follow an all-inclusive policy in our quotations. All accommodation and in-city transfers are included in our fees. Thus, our patients do not have to think about finding hotels and arranging transfers.  
Top 4 Most Asked Questions About Arm Lift Operations
1. When can I see the result of an arm lift? 
The results of an arm lift are visible almost immediately. The skin looks much tighter after the operation. It can take a few weeks for the bruising and swelling to go away.
2. Is arm lift a painful operation? 
The patients do not feel pain during the operation as they take anaesthesia. Patients may experience slight discomfort and soreness after an arm lift. If this occurs, the doctor can prescribe painkillers.
3. Can my arms sag again? 
An arm lift is a very effective solution to sagging skin. However, it is possible for the skin to lose its elasticity and sag again later in life due to ageing and extreme weight changes. Patients should exercise regularly to maintain their weight and maintain the effect of an arm lift.
4. Does arm lift leave any scars? 
The incision lines and the skin around them can be very red and visible at first. It takes a few months for them to heal. However, the surgeons try to make them as small as possible and place them strategically. Therefore, they will not be visible at first glance.
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