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Rudolph Nissen

Nissen was born in a Jewish-German family in Neisse, Silesia, German Empire, in 1896. He was a surgeon who chaired surgery departments in Turkey, the United States and Switzerland in gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Founders of Apera family health history heritage goes back for two centuries. On Rudolph Nissen arrival to Turkey after 1933 university reform in Turkey. Founders of Apera family has opened their houses to Nissen and helped him to be a Director of the Surgical department in Istanbul University and then Nissen worked in Cerrahpasa Clinic and practice his findings and expanding his studies with the help of our founders. Therefore, Apera Family has been helping and developing on gastronomy field and many more field. Our experience comes from long medical history and we are continuing the medical heritage with success on every health department to deliver the best health services for our patients.

Why Apera Health Group

We are an international health group specifically focused on aesthetic surgeries, dental treatments, obesity operations and hair transplantation. We have hospitals and clinics in Turkey and 6 Health Centers in Europe. Our headquarter and major hospital located in Istanbul. As Apera Health Group family, we serve you with professional plastic surgeons and doctors all around the world.

Why Us?

We provide all kinds of services for your health and comfort. We organize all your treatment in our hospital with our doctors, accommodation 5* Suite Hotel and your airport transfers with Mercedes Benz Vito vehicles. Furthermore, we also can arrange you a full-time translator, a city or boat tour, or any other request that you may have. Apart from the health treatments, Apera Health Group promises to meet all the needs of patients with its flawless service concept and customized solutions. One of the biggest reasons why international patients choose us for their treatments is the high quality and exclusive services and aftercare they receive during the treatment journey.

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