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About Us

Rudolph Nissen

Nissen was born in a Jewish-German family in Neisse, Silesia, German Empire, in 1896. He was a surgeon who chaired surgery departments in Turkey, the United States and Switzerland in gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Founders of Apera Family's health heritage goes back two centuries. Rudolph Nissen arrived to Turkey after 1933 university reform in Turkey. Founders of Apera family has opened their homes to Nissen and helped him to be a Director of the Surgical department in Istanbul University. Yhen Nissen worked in Cerrahpasa Clinic and practiced his findings and expanding his studies with the help of our founders. Therefore, Apera Family has been helping the development of surgical and medical fields for a long time. Our experience comes from long medical history and we are continuing the medical heritage with success to deliver the best health services for our patients.
About Apera Health Group;
Apera Health Group is a health tourism group that focuses on bariatric surgery and has been approved by significant healthcare facilities around the world. Apera is a record holder in patient satisfaction in the world with 50,000 happy patients. The firm owns many health cenres across Turkey and Europe.
Apera Health Group; a 5-star healthcare service provider offers various treatments in its facilities at Apera Prime Hospital in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey.
We provide transfers between the airport, hotel, and the hospital with our ultra VIP fleet. We're eligible to carry passengers for both in-city trips and internationally by law. We've formed a bond of trust with our patients as we have fulfilled all legal requirements in the nations in that we operate.
It is our greatest pleasure to organize private jet, helicopter, and yacht tours of our own fleet for our patients and give them a great cultural experience as well as excellent healthcare.
We're looking forward to hosting you to have a safe and top-notch healthcare experience in our facilities!

We are an international health group specifically focused on plastic surgeries, dental treatments, obesity operations and hair transplantation. We have hospitals and medical clinics in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul. We also have six other health centres in Europe. Our headquarters and biggest capacity hospital are located in Istanbul. As Apera Health Group family, we treat our patients with utmost care.

We stand out with our expert surgeons and patient care. Our patient oriented approach guides us with curating offers that include 5 star accommodation, airport and in-city transfers between the hotel and hospitals with Mercedes Benz Transporters. We also organize city tours and full day translators upon request.

Our patients’ happiness and satisfaction are our top priority. Thus, we’re happy to help with any other request. International patients prefer to have their medical treatments done by us, because of our high quality services and aftercare. Our patient representatives stay in touch with the patients until they are completely healed and back on their daily routines.

It is a pleasure to offer our services to you!