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As a hair transplant changes one's appearance dramatically, most patients consider it a once-in-a-lifetime and one of the most life-changing aesthetic operations. The advancing technology allows a smoother surgery experience for the operating team and the patient. The Sapphire FUE technique is one of those. At Apera Clinic, we perform all FUE hair transplants with the Sapphire FUE. Continue reading this article to learn the difference Sapphire FUE makes compared to traditional FUE.
What is Sapphire FUE?
Sapphire FUE is also known as the Sapphire Percutan technique among surgeons. Considering the operation time and method, it is exactly like an FUE hair transplant. The difference is in the tools. The hair transplant operation begins just like in an FUE; local anaesthesia and collection of the hair grafts. Surgeons use sapphire blades instead of regular steel blades while opening the canals (holes) on the bald area during a Sapphire FUE transplant. Then the hair grafts are carefully transplanted into these canals.
The Advantages of Sapphire FUE
The sapphire percutaneous tool is advantageous in various ways. As it is a natural element, the sapphire tool creates less scarring while opening the canals to the recipient area. It also minimizes the possibility of infections and complications. The scalp tissue bleeds less and recovers faster. Thanks to the nature of the sapphire, these blades are sharper compared to steel blades.
How Can I Know Which Method Suits Me More?
If you're having your hair transplant with the FUE method, it's always better to have the surgical team use sapphire blades instead of regular blades. So, this is not a question of suitability. If the clinic has the equipment and the medical staff that can perform this operation, Sapphire FUE will be the better choice. 
Does Sapphire FUE Cost More?
Some clinics can add an extra fee for Sapphire FUE because the tip of this tool is a single-use tip. It is replaced for each use. At Apera Clinic, we only offer this treatment with sapphire tools. Thus, your quotation will not include a different fee for this tool only.
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