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When looking for weight loss treatments, gastric bypass is very likely to show up on top of your search results. However, there is a new and more advanced technique which is known as mini-gastric bypass. As you can imagine from its name, the operating area is also smaller compared to a classic gastric bypass. A mini gastric bypass has a quicker operation time and is easier to recover from. Even though it's a shorter operation, it has quite similar weight loss results. Let us get into more details and explain it all.
How to know if you’re eligible for a mini gastric bypass?
Before giving out a few ways to identify your eligibility for a mini gastric bypass, we always advise the patients to speak with experts and decide together with them. However, we can say that as a general requirement; a patient has to be older than 18 years old. A patient should have a BMI of 35 or higher to have this surgery. Most patients with high BMIs may also have additional problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. Therefore if you're taking medications for such conditions, it's best to inform the doctor and follow their instructions.
Gastric Bypass vs Mini Gastric Bypass
When considering possible weight loss treatments, most people look for the differences between a classic gastric bypass and a mini-gastric bypass. In a mini-gastric bypass, the re-routing is shorter and includes one less connection (between the news stomach and intestines). Creating only one connection also shortens the operation time compared to a classic gastric bypass. Here at Apera Clinic, we can operate in both ways, depending on the patient's needs.
Mini Gastric Bypass Explained In 2 Steps
1. The stomach is divided with laparoscopic tools. A smaller, tube-shaped stomach is created with the smaller part.
2. The new stomach bypasses the beginning of the intestines and connects from the middle.
As you can see, no body part is taken out in this surgery. However, a new and shorter route is created for digestion. After this operation, the food can" bypass" a long way and still be digested without a problem.
Recovery Time & Procedure
There are a few things to remember for an easier and smoother recovery. It can take up to a year to fully recover from weight loss surgery. Do not let this scare you at all. The recovery includes getting down to a healthy weight and forming a new lifestyle to maintain this condition. Patients go back to their daily routines just a few days after the operation. It's important to give the body some time to heal because even though it's a laparoscopic operation, the body still experiences a shock from the surgery. It is expected to spend the first 2-3 nights at the hospital so the hospital staff can regularly check up on the patient at all times. When patients are discharged from the hospital, they are advised to rest a week or two at their homes and then get back to work. If their work includes physical labour, they might need to wait just a little longer.
A mini gastric bypass patient starts their recovery period with an all-liquid diet, followed by mashed foods. The patient can begin eating solid foods after the approval of their dietician. Light exercises are also recommended to keep the weight down and continue losing weight.
Side Effects of A Mini Gastric Bypass
The most common and temporary side effects of this operation are swelling, oedema and nausea. These are all expected, as the body tries to adapt to its new condition. Infections and bleeding are possible risks of a mini gastric bypass but can be under control during the patient's stay at the hospital. Therefore, it is very important to choose a well-reputed clinic and expert surgeons to minimize such risks. Here at Apera Clinic, we operate in a sterile environment with a properly trained and experienced surgical team. 
Cost of A Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey
Many clinics in Turkey perform various obesity treatments. Mini gastric bypass is only performed at more qualified clinics as it's a newer method. Therefore, the prices of this operation may vary due to hospital and doctor fees. It's best to get a direct quotation from the healthcare centre where you're planning to have the operation. Once you reach us from any channel (WhatsApp, e-mail or phone call) we'll be happy to consult your condition with our doctors and find the best treatment option for you. 
Frequently Asked Questions
We understand the questions patients may have in their minds about the mini-gastric bypass, especially about post-operative care and recovery. Here are the most frequently asked questions about this weight loss surgery.
1. When can I take a shower after the operation? 
The patients should wait 48 hours before taking a shower after their surgery. 
2. Do I have to exercise regularly? 
Incorporating exercise into daily routines is crucial for keeping the weight down. As you recover from the operation, you can add more intense workouts for fat loss and muscle gain. However, it's best to start with 30-minute jogs to get your body active.
3. Is it possible to gain weight after a mini gastric bypass? 
If the patient doesn't change their lifestyle and eating habits, they may gain the initial weight they lost. Mini gastric bypass is a life-changing opportunity for patients that have trouble losing a large amount of weight. Therefore, they should be ready to eat healthier, exercise and take vitamins & supplements if necessary.
4. When will the surgery marks go away? 
As this is a "close" surgery, the incisions are usually smaller than 1cm. The marks will fade away in a few weeks as the body gets rid of the swelling and recovers.
Do you have any other questions in mind? We're happy to help! Our experienced team is just a phone call or text away. Get in touch with us and let's embark on your weight loss journey together at Apera Clinic!