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Eyelid surgery is a familiar and easy aesthetic operation that improves one's eyesight. This operation is also known as blepharoplasty. Basically, during eyelid surgery, the excessive skin and fat tissues are removed to give the eyes a lifted look. It opens up the area, straightens the wrinkles and looks a lot more youthful. As eyelid surgery has health and aesthetic benefits, it is advised and performed on many patients. Here at Apera Clinic, we examine and operate on patients from all around the world. 
The skin around our eyes is quite gentle and sensitive. This skin tends to sag in time. Therefore, most patients that need eyelid surgery are above the age of 45. However, some patients have genetically low or dripping eyelids which may require treatment at an earlier age. Continue reading to find out who can be a candidate for eyelid surgery, the steps of the operation and the recovery. 
Who is eligible for eyelid surgery?
Any patient that is 18 or above can have this surgery. However, most patients get wrinkles and sagging skin after they are 35. You may need eyelid surgery if you experience dryness in the eye and have dull facial expressions due to low eyelids. Some patients have genetically loose skin that impacts their eyesight. These patients are also eligible to have eyelid surgery. The level of sagging may not be the same for both eyes. Thus, the plastic surgeon examines both eyes and comes up with an operation plan accordingly. In some cases, eyelid surgery may be supported with an eyebrow lift or facelift to give the area an all-wrinkle-free and youthful look. Depending on the patient's condition, it might also be beneficial to operate on the lower eyelids, as well as the upper ones. 
Eyelid Surgery Explained in 3 Steps
First things first: At Apera Clinic, we advise each patient to take a break from smoking and alcohol consumption a few days before the operation date as this surgery requires anaesthesia. Also, it's important to inform the surgical team if the patient takes any medications regularly as they might need to stop for a while. Patients should come in with a clean face, without any make-up on. As the eyes get very sensitive after the operation, it's a great idea to bring sunglasses to protect them from excessive light. The timeline of eyelid surgery depends on if both eyes and the lower lids need treatment or not. However, most eyelid surgeries take roughly an hour to an hour and a half. These are the three steps of eyelid surgery:
1. The patient takes the anaesthesia and lies down on the table. The area is cleaned up and prepared for the operation.
2. The incisions are made in the crease to open up the eyelids. Then it's easier to remove the excess skin & fat tissue. Usually, the surgeons start with the upper lids and then move on to the lower lids for the same procedure.
3. The incisions are closed up by dissolving stitches and the patient is done.
Post Operation & Recovery
As this is a quick and simple operation, patients can leave the hospital on the day of their operation. Patients do not need bandages or anything else to keep their eyes closed. It's possible to do daily chores and routines like watching TV or reading just one day after the operation. It's important to keep the operated area clean and dry. Therefore, it's better to wait 48 hours before taking a shower. As this operation has quite an effortless & fast recovery, many patients easily decide to have it. 
Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Turkey
Eyelid surgeries are widely known and performed among many plastic surgeons in Turkey. Various medical centres accept patients for this treatment. The cost depends on each medical centre, plastic surgeon and their team. If both eyes (or both upper and lower lids) need eyelid surgery and/or if other treatments are needed, the cost adds up. Therefore, it's better to ask for a quotation from each plastic surgeon/medical centre you're consulting. Here at Apera Clinic, we offer all-inclusive packages. It allows our patients to plan a stress-free trip without searching for accommodation or airport transfers. We greet our patients at the airport and be in touch with them all through their check-in procedures, pre-op examinations and give assistance at all times.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is it painful? 
Eyelid surgery is one of the least painful treatments in plastic surgery. It's short and simple. This operation can be performed in both local and general anaesthesia, depending on the treatment and patient's condition. Thus, patients do not feel anything during the operation.
2. What are the side effects of eyelid surgery? 
Patients may experience itching, numbness, a slight ache, swelling and bruising in a few hours, which go away in a week. It's also possible to have blurred eyesight, which is also temporary.
3. Are the results permanent? 
This depends on how good a patient takes care of their eyes and the skin around them. As eyelid surgeries are not preventative treatments, your skin may sag again with ageing or other factors. However, this treatment (especially for lower lids) lasts the patients for a very long time.
4. Does eyelid surgery leave scars?
The incision lines on the upper lid are visible for the first few weeks after the operation. However, they fade away in time. For the lower lids, the lines stay right under the lashes. Thus they are not visible. 
Is it time to book your eyelid surgery? Contact us now so we can consult our surgeons for you and create a surgical plan. This way, you can confirm if the treatment you need is eyelid surgery or something else. Here at Apera Clinic we perform not only face aesthetics but all types of plastic surgeries. We stay connected to our patients from their first inquiry until they have the operation, fly back home and recover. Thus, you can consult, ask questions and get support at all times, through a text message or call.