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The skin on our face is prone to sagging with time, genetics and other environmental reasons. The skin around the eyes is no exception. This sagging gives the face an old, wrinkly and sad look. An eyebrow lift is a surgical procedure which opens up the eye while giving it a more youthful look. It's a popular cosmetic procedure that plastic surgeons can perform in a short time. Thus, patients can leave the clinic just an hour later and recover quickly. This procedure gives facial expressions a fresh look that boosts one's self-esteem. Continue reading this article if you'd like to learn more about eyebrow lift operations.
What is an eyebrow lift?
An eyebrow lift is a surgical operation in which the brows are raised to open up the face. This lift allows the face to look less wrinkly and younger. Eyebrows are the most important aspect of facial expressions. Thus, lifting the eyebrows makes a dramatic change in how the face looks when resting. Surgeons determine the best eyebrow shape and level for each patient according to their facial anatomy. An eyebrow lift is one of the simplest ways of reducing wrinkles on the forehead. It also smoothens the frown lines. Therefore it's widely preferred.
Who needs an eyebrow lift?
Deep, horizontal wrinkles and droopy eyes make someone look much older than their age. If your eyes always look tired, your forehead is wrinkly and your expression has changed a lot due to your eyebrows squeezing your eyes, you might need an eyebrow lift. These problems may come from old age, skin problems, previous facial aesthetic operations or other factors. If you think you need an eyebrow lift, the best thing to do is to consult a plastic surgeon. Here at Apera Clinic, we have online consultation, in which the patients can send their photos and ask questions to an expert through our patient representatives.
Eyebrow Lift Surgery
As mentioned above, an eyebrow lift is a rather quick and simple procedure compared to other facial aesthetics. It takes about 20-60 minutes after the anaesthesia. First, the surgeon makes the necessary incisions. The surgeon determines the number of incisions considering the patient's current look. These incisions are carefully placed behind the hairline, so they are not visible. Thanks to advanced technology, an eyebrow lift can be performed with smaller incisions. Smaller incisions lead to less scarring. Then the eyebrows are lifted and repositioned to meet the patient's desires. It's a common practice most plastic surgeons can perform.
Recovery from an Eyebrow Lift
Recovery may change a little depending on the chosen method for the eyebrow lift. However, patients can go back home on the same day of the operation at all times. It's relatively easy to recover from and patients can continue their daily routines. The scar healing can take around two weeks. It's crucial to keep the area clean to eliminate infections. Slight pain and bruising are normal. They reduce and go away in a few weeks. The patient can expect to see the results immediately. However, it can take a few months for the skin to heal fully. 
Cost of Eyebrow Lift in Turkey
The cost of an eyebrow lift comes on the top of the Frequently Asked Questions list. The pricing depends on the method, surgical team, clinic and if the patient needs other treatments. Thus, getting a quotation from the clinics is the best way to get accurate pricing. Some clinics may include additional treatments and services in their fees. It's best to decide only after carefully reviewing each offer and speaking to representatives.
Top 3 Most Asked Questions About Eyebrow Lift
1. Is it painful? 
All eyebrow lift methods are performed under anaesthesia (local or general). Therefore patients do not feel any pain during the procedure. They might feel some ache or pain later that day, which can be treated with prescribed pain killers.
2. Can I move my eyebrows after the surgery?
Once the anaesthesia wears off and the scars heal, you can easily make any facial expression with your eyebrows.
3. Is it permanent? 
An eyebrow lift is a very effective surgery. The results are long-term - almost a lifetime. However, as patients still age, the eyebrows may slightly drop again. If this happens, patients can always have another eyebrow lift.
At Apera Clinic, we proudly perform eyebrow lifts with various methods that suit our patients' needs. If necessary, we also support eyebrow lifts with other facial aesthetics like eyelid surgeries and face lifts. Our goal is to make our patients happy and satisfied by giving them their desired look while solving their medical issues.
Ready for your appointment? Once you book with Apera Clinic, you don't have to worry about accommodation or transport. We handle all travel details -except flight tickets- before you step your foot in Turkey. Surgeries like eyebrow lifts are great ways to achieve a younger facial expression. Feel free to ask questions to our patient representatives through a text message or a phone call.