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Dyt. Buket Yüksel

Was born in Beykoz, Istanbul.
Graduated from Okan University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Also continued in the gastronomy department as a minor degree.
Learned German in high school and English in university education.
Had a Thesis on Nutrition in Thyroid Diseases.

Had internship experience in state hospitals, private hospitals, medical centers, private healthy nutrition and bariatric surgery clinics.

Gave nutrition training to obesity, intensive care, diabetes and oncology patients in these internships.

After graduation, provided face-to-face nutrition consultancy services at Diyetplus Healthy Nutrition Center. Also provide nutrition consultancy services online.

Experience in diseases such as nutrition (blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular, kidney, liver) adult nutrition, mother-child nutrition, nutrition after bariatric surgery.

In order to improve myself on other fields, I received training in Nutrition after Bariatric Surgery, Food-Drug Interactions, Clinical Nutrition, Alternative Approaches to Obesity Nutrition, Preventive and Therapeutic Nutrition Approaches in Oncology, Cardiovascular Diseases and Nutrition, Entrepreneurship Training, Occupational Health and Safety, and Communication and Career Training in Dietitian Profession.

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