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A butt lift or buttock lift is one of the most common surgeries patients ask their surgeons to perform. It is alsı known as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) since the early 2000s. Thanks to technology, it is possible to reshape the buttocks. Butt lift operations can give the patients their desired buttock size and a lift for a younger, firmer look. At Apera Clinic, we've been performing butt lifts on patients from all around the world. Continue reading this article to learn more about butt lift methods and surgery procedures. We'll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions at the end.
What is a butt lift?
A butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps reshape and reposition the lower back. It is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among female patients. Surgeons choose between the two methods for butt lift operations. It is a safe and non-complicated surgery that gives the patients what they want.
Butt Lift Methods
●Lipofilling: This is the method in which the patient's body fat is used to enlarge the buttocks. The surgeons take body fat from other body parts like the back or belly with liposuction. Then, they inject the fat into the buttocks. This method is only possible if the patient has enough fat in the other areas which can supply it. 
●Implants: Implant placement is generally preferred if lipofilling isn't possible for the patient. In this case, the patient and doctor decide on the size and material together before the surgery. Butt lift operations with implants take longer than lipofilling.
Who is eligible for a butt lift?
Firstly, the patient should be in good health to have an operation with anaesthesia. Any patient who feels like their buttocks lack size, fullness or shape can have a butt lift. The patient should also be 18 years old to have this operation. Generally, the buttocks sag and lose volume due to genetics and ageing. Thus, a butt lift is an operation that is preferred by patients over 40, mostly. It is also necessary to have realistic expectations for the results. 
Prepare Your Body For A Butt Lift in 3 Steps
1.Do not consume alcohol or smoke a few days before the operation. Smoking and alcohol consumption affects blood flow and healing. Thus, patients should avoid them as early as possible. 
2.Inform your doctor about the medications you regularly take, if any. The doctor may ask you to quit some of them before the surgery as certain medications affect the anaesthesia and blood flow.
3.Form healthy eating and exercise habits to ease healing and recovery.
Recovery After A Butt Lift
You should expect to have bandages in the operating area. We advise our patients to wear compression garments to reduce swelling. Butt lift patients spend the first night at the hospital; so the medical staff can check up on them. The patients should lay on their stomachs and avoid sitting for the first few days. The recovery timeline may change depending on the surgery method. Generally, patients can return to their routines two to three weeks after the operation. However, patients should wait for the doctor's clearance for exercise. 
The doctor will give additional tips on taking care of the operated area before the patient is discharged from the hospital.
Butt Lift Costs in Turkey
A butt lift is a common practice among plastic surgeons. In Turkey, most plastic surgery clinics and significant hospitals perform butt lifts. However, it is crucial to have this operation at a respected healthcare facility to minimize the operational risks. 
The cost of a butt lift depends on the surgeon's expertise, the hospital expenses and additional services which may be included. At Apera Clinic, we provide accommodation and in-city transportation for our plastic surgery patients. Thus, they don't have to spend hours looking for hotels and how to get to the hospital. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Butt Lift
1.Is it painful?
Butt lift operations are not painful. The patient takes anaesthesia before the procedure begins. The surgeons make the incisions only after the area or the patient (depending on the anaesthesia method) is completely numb.
2.Is it permanent? 
Butt lift operations are permanent changes on the body. As fat is injected during the lipofilling method, the size of the butt may change if the patient gains or loses excessive weight.
3.Does butt lift leave any scars? 
Scarring of a butt lift depends on the chosen method. Lipofilling leaves almost no scars because it's an injection method. Surgeons need to make incisions to insert the implants in the area. However, the surgeons place these incisions in hidden areas.
4.How long does the operation take? 
The duration of a butt lift depends on the chosen method. Butt lifts with lipofilling take around two hours, and butt lifts with implants can take around four hours.
Are you ready to have fuller, younger and firmer buttocks? We're happy to help! Contact us today for a consultation with our plastic surgeons. Our patient representatives can answer any other questions you may have. We keep in touch with our patients from their first inquiry until they return home with a pleasant smile. We are always a phone call or text message away before and after the operation to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can't wait to guide you through your plastic surgery journey!